Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 3 - Wednesday August 24, 2011

Day 3
1176 miles
7:30 start
Stayed at Red Roof Inn at Rockford, Illionois
We pushed through and got in really late. Woke up to a super foggy and dreary morning.
Medium coffee at the local gas station, best $  so far, the "morfar coffee index" is of the charts $1.18 for a medium coffee! We asked the attendance lady is she drank the coffee "occasionally, but I mix it with Cappuccino". Rockford  is a fun city of about 100,000 people all you can do here is go to bars! Sounds like my kind of town! You know you are in the Midwest when they offer you 2 "pahp's" for the price of one! Translation="pahp" is the same as pop or as we call it on the east coast; soda!

It is amazing how much Wisconsin looks like Sweden and Skåne, driving thru cropfields in a pea soup fog! The fog burned of and the rest of the day has been gorgeous blue sky and sunshine!

Yesterday as we drove through the border in to Canada, the Canadian border guard asked us the usual questions like "got any tobacco or alcohol, fire arms..etc. Where are you heading?" Sofia answered "I  am moving to Seattle" the guard looks at our car and says "what is all that stuff for?" Really? What part of moving did you not understand? I AM MOVING! dumbass!

A snack of peanut butter on sourdough bread with cuke slices. It feels good to have won an extra hour, even though it meant that when Anna woke me up this morning and said "It's 7:00", what she meant was "It's 6:00". After going to bed after midnight (Chicago time) and driving ~700 miles, I coulda used that hour. But we got up, took showers, played with the iPad (Anna), did our 6 sun salutations, washed our hands with annoying almondy soap, and ate our yummy breakfast of yogurt, high fiber/fart-minimizing cereal, and freshly picked New Hampshire blueberries which Karen delivered to me alongside the NewCastle shore the morning I left town. Thanks Karen!!!

There are a lot of um..... What are they called again? Oh yeah, TRUCKS on this road. They are part of the plan for a better future for our children. None of this newfangled "sustainability" shit for me! I like my t-bone tortured, my peppers poisonous, and my dairy deathly. And I want it all to be wrapped in as much plastic as possible and shipped from Wisconsin. Or better yet, maybe Mexico! Israel is interesting! Chile is Charrrrrrming!!!

We are now driving alongside the Mighty Mississippi! We saw Huck and Jim a ways back, but Huck was texting so he didn't see us. Jim was sporting an Armani suit and all was well on the yacht. I even caught a quick glimpse of T-pain, who was on the upper deck making a smoothie. Or so it appeared to me.

So sarcastic! What has gotten into me? I'm betting it's FEAR of CHANGE. Let's face it, this is all kinda nuts. I'm leaving my cozy little Portsmouth community, driving 3,600 miles WITH ANNA, and starting a whole new life in an unfamiliar environment WITHOUT ANNA. It would be less insane if I had my tuition in order.... But that's another blog altogether.

In Minnesota. Gonna stop for lunch and listen for Swedish-Midwestern accents. It's another gorgeous day, a few puffy clouds in a sky the color of the ocean we've left behind us....

Met three cute Norwegian brothers at Cabin Coffee shop in St.Charles Minnesota. they sure did their ya and Nay and okey dokey.

Corn corn corn... Endless cornfields. We are driving on Rt 14 through Minnesota and South Dakota to inhale some more local flavors. Gorgeous road with  beautiful landscape filled with... Do I need to say it CORN! What happened to the other crops? Or do they grow those in other parts of the US? Oh yeah we are finding the other crop...SOY, oh so native to the area.

Dipped our legs into "Clear Lake", what a misleading name.....

We just passed Tyler, Minnesota they celebrated  Danish heritage last year with the able skiver fest or in English apple slice party. finally we are approaching the board to South Dakota and we are seeing more and more windmil parks popping up.since it is the prairee it is always windy, just like it is in Skåne. 

Driving thru Minnesota really makes me miss Sweden and Skåne, growing up in Swedens agracultural headquarter. You just take for granted rolling fields, farms, crops, silos the whole production that goes into producing the food that ends up on our tables. So far we passed through fields and fields of of corn broken up by fields of Soy. Both are 2 very heavily genetically engineered produce. You wonder what hapened to the prairie the way it used to be?

The smell of menuer is sometimes overwhelming as wwe drive thru the farmland.
Passing through Cavour, SD population 163, wow.....

The sky and the sunset driving through SD has been one of the most spectacular one that I have ever seen. It is flat flat flat but gorgeous...

Hoping to make it to Pierre were we are hoping to sleep.....

For more pictures from Day 3, check out the slideshow below!

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