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Day 2 - Tuesday August 23, 2011

Day 2
436 miles
7:45 am
Started the day with six sun salutations on a not so clean smelling rug in Budget In, Farmington, NY. Heading towards Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls, crossing over to Canada and across to Wisconsin. Had our first coffee at Tim Hortons, a canadian franshise according to the morfar coffee index a large coffee for $1.98 not bad.... The coffee lady when asked if she drank the coffee replied "not this stuff". Already encountered diversity in the form of giggling girls and hazidic Jews. Beautiful rolling landscape,with cows and fields... Reminds me of Skåne back in the olden days when the fields also were covered with beech and oak trees.

First larger roadkill on the road...
...a little later...
We've now seen Niagara Falls for the first time! It was beautiful and huge and there was a giant rainbow that wasn't even an app - it was REAL! The tourist racket was a little annoying, and it's kind of a shame that one of the Natural Wonders of the World inspires so much chintz. Oh well, landfills can be beautiful too. We met some nice people again, particularly a guy from Slovakia named David. He's been living in NJ since June ("it's okay") and now he's seeing some sights. He tried to visit Canada but got sent right back over the border once they realized he was born in Rumania

I must say Niagara falls was everything I thought it to be, amazingly swift churning river that rolled over the edge into the bowl. I kept thinking of the Japanese student that fell into the falls a couple of weeks ago. what was her final thoughts? "Oh shit?"and then she must have felt like you do at one of those free fall amusement park rides as she plummeted to the bowl...well they did find her after they plucked up unidentified man.

The ranger told me that just last week they pulled up two girls who were going for a "swim" right at the edge of the falls, they thought that was a great idea after a couple of drinks. The fine for these events are $10,000 per person. One of the tributary rivers where just so slow an peaceful and ended in what looked like an infinity pool edge.... Once you got close you saw that it was a roaring fall...

We decided to take the route thru Canada... We kind of got a sticker shock when we put gas in the car. $1.265/liter. 1 gallon equals 3.8 liters... Do the math! Then the conversion from Canadian dollars to US dollars. Canada did provide some relief from converting miles to kilometers since they use the metric system!

It is incredibly beautiful, lots of roaring crop filled hills, with farms splattered everywhere
Everything looks very Swedish. Orderly towns and cities, well maintained roads and bridges. "just right" houses, stores, shopping malls, you name it. Everything is just "lagom".

The main crop seems like it is corn, no wonder when corn syrup and other corn derivatives makes it into all the food we eat somehow.

Yeah, we made it in to the US crossing the Bridge over Lake Huron. Entering the state of Michigan where they really value their road workers. "injure/kill a worker $7,500 fine + 15 years" . Heading west on I69 then south on 69 until we met up with 94 towards Chicago. More rolling hills, farmlands, the Michigan barns are tall and cool looking with fun silos.

We stopped at MacDonalds for coffee and right next to it this giant 18 wheeler pulls in. It is weird looking with crates/cages in the back. It comes to a screeching halt and as it comes to a stop all you can hear is this loud "oink"!! Welcome to MacDonalds, here we serve all our meat just fresh! Yep the truck was filled with pigs, stacked 2 stories high!! Sofia ran inside horrified at the squealing from the pigs, she wowed never to have pork again... Until a nice cob salad was offered her at Panera.
Life is full of irony. And bacon is full of iron.

For more pictures from day 2, check out the slideshow below!

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